Rethink Flowers, Forever.

Smart Solutions for Sustainability & Transparency in the Global Flower Industry – Powered by Web3.

Equip your flowers with real sustainability through simple CO₂-compensation. Perfect for flower-wholesale and -retail, companies and (private-) events.

We Make Your Flowers Climate-Positive. Free from Greenwashing.

Our Committment:

CO₂-Compensation through Real Nature Conservation

Only selected climate partners, free from greenwashing

Thanks to Technology

Traceable impact through our unique Quantify- and Compensation-Tools

Climate Positive
for Everyone

Easy CO₂-compensation for flower-wholesale and -retail, offices and events

Compensate CO₂-emissions from flower cultivation & associated supply chains with ease!

Sustainability & Transparency for the Global Flower Industry

Are you thinking about how to increase the sustainability of your flowers? We provide the option necessary to offset the CO₂ associated with your purchase by supporting regenerative nature conservation projects. Receive your personal FlowerMe-ID to track your impact at selected local partners, or purchase one directly in our Online-Shop.

How does it work?

You can support nature conservation projects in a traceable manner through our own Initiative+. With the help of state-of-the-art Web3 technology and the associated data, you finally receive the transparency that is often lacking in other conservation initiatives and projects.

FlowerMe delivers transparency and sustainability to the global flower market every day – powered by Web3 technology.

Browse through our store and discover exceptional offsetting products for business and individuals.

We offer selected carbon offsetting services for the floral industry and everyone who loves flowers!

Discover our Initiative+ to learn more, or visit the Shop to offset flower purchases of all kinds.

You need some more information and want to get in contact before deciding to buy a FlowerMe product? Feel free to book a consultancy session and evaluate, how we can help your business!

Rethink Flowers, Forever.

Climate Positive with FlowerMe - Present Your Customers with the Feeling of True Sustainability.

FlowerMe provides Sustainability & Transparency in light of rising Emission Regulations for the Global Flower Industry.

Our Partners

When it comes to our partners, we always emphasize transparency and sustainability alongside with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. That’s why we focus particularly on our newest climate partners:

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